Disability Leaves

Staff members are required to notify their Department Chair without delay, in writing, when they must be absent for an extended period for medical reasons.

The department must forward the notification of absence to the Benefits Office, along with a Notice of Status Change Form.

A medical certificate covering diagnosis, prognosis, and expected duration of absence must also be provided by the staff member from the first day of absence. This certificate must be forwarded to the Human Resources without delay. The Benefits Office determines the acceptability of the medical certificates and renders a decision on the leave.

While an academic staff member is on Short-Term Disability, a Leave Replacement appointment is permitted for a limited term, not exceeding the total duration of the staff member's leave. Leave Replacement appointments are not eligible for consideration for tenure, and are not subject to the provision for reappointment, promotion, notice of termination, or severance provided under the Regulations Relating to the Employment of Contract Academic Staff.

For Long-Term Disability, visit the Human Resources website.

Disability Accommodations

Where a member of academic staff requires accommodations for the purposes of carrying out their duties, the HR Advisor for the academic unit should work with the Benefits Office in Central Human Resources to assess what measures can and should be put in place.

Disability Leaves and Your Academic Career

Reappointment and Tenure Deferral: Disability leaves of three months or more are considered periods of authorized leave for reappointment and tenure purposes. Staff members may request a deferral of their reappointment or tenure consideration per the relevant employment regulations.

Disability Leaves for Research Chairs, Named/Endowed Chairs, and Internal Award Holders

For funding and salary purposes, it is essential that chair and award holders inform their Department Chairs and Deans, as well as the Academic Personnel Office without delay and in writing.

Leaves of Absence

Leaves of absence are granted at the discretion of the Provost and Vice-Principal (Academic). Applications must be submitted at least 90 calendar days before the start of the proposed leave. Leaves of absence are limited to a maximum of two consecutive years. A sabbatic leave taken in conjunction with a leave of absence is deemed part of that two-year period. If a staff member currently on a leave of absence wishes to request an extension of the leave beyond the originally approved period, the staff member shall submit a request in writing to the Department Chair, at least 90 calendar days before the end of the current leave.


  1. The department submits a dossier that includes the following documentation, to the Academic Personnel Office:
    Document name Template and/or Description

    Application for Leave of Absence, including, as applicable:

    • Copies of agreements relating to employment elsewhere during the leave
    • Any other relevant documentation


    Recommendation memo from the department chair to the Dean

    Memo from the department chair, addressed to the Dean, recommending approval of the leave, with reasons.

    Recommendation memo from the Dean to the PVPA

    Memo from the Dean, addressed to the Provost & Vice-Principal (Academic), recommending approval of the leave.

    Adoption leave only: Letter of expected arrival of child

    A letter from the adoption agency confirming the arrival date of the child

    Current CV



  2. Once approved by the Provost and Vice-Principal (Academic), the Academic Personnel Office issues a BOG letter to confirm the approved leave, and to list any conditions to be met before going or upon return from the leave.
  3. The department must then process a Minerva appointment form and issue a Notice of Status Change form to initiate the change of status in Banner.
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