Exam Sign-Up Deadline

For all timed assessments, students must sign up a minimum of 14 days prior to the exam date.  

Office Closure

Please note that all Student Services units are closed for a staff training on the morning of Wednesday, November 30th. Services will reopen at 1:30pm. Have any questions or concerns? Email us at access.achieve [at] mcgill.ca.


Learner Support Programs

In Fall 2022, Student Accessibility and Achievement will be launching three new learner support programs that are available to all McGill students: Thriving in Action (TiA), Peer-Assisted Learning (PALs) and Peer Mentoring.

The Learning Support Specialist, alongside student hires, will facilitate the following programs which aim to meet you where you are in your academic career and foster success throughout your time at McGill.

Thriving in Action (TiA)

New semester, same struggle? TiA can help. 

Coming January 2023  

Thriving in Action (TiA) is a 10-week program that will help you learn how a “growth mindset” can help you overcome challenges you’ll face during your studies. A growth mindset helps put challenges in perspective by teaching us that we are capable of anything if we are willing to practice and continue to learn. TiA aims to improve student academic achievement and well-being, and was designed to empower McGill’s diverse student body as they face challenges, embrace learning, reflect on progress and ultimately thrive in the university setting. 

Over the course of the program, participants will connect and collaborate with peers to form a Community of Care and engage in program content. Guided by a Learner Support Specialist, participants will: 

  • Learn academic strategies and skills that can help you manage your time, take more effective notes, and prepare for exams. 

  • Connect and collaborate with peers to discuss how motivation and self-compassion impact our ability to be successful. 

  • Reflect on our habits and their impact on academic success and wellness.


Register for TiA

Peer-Assisted Learning

Are you a student in one the courses listed below and looking to engage with peers in your classes and learn about study skills to help you succeed this term? 

    Peer Assisted Learning (PALs) is a course-specific group study program that engages students in collaborative and cooperative learning. The group is led by a PALs Peer Leader who has successfully completed the course with an A- or higher, and who has an overall CGPA of at least 3.2. The goal of the program is to embed the teaching and practice of learning strategies within the studying and review of course-specific concepts. The PALs Peer Leader will facilitate meaningful discussion, support reviewal of the subject matter, engage participants in self-reflective learning and teach helpful learning and study strategies. 

    Available courses:

    • Econ 208
    • CLAS 203
    • CHEM 181
    • Chem 222
    • BIOL 201
    • BIOL 202
    • MATH 324
    • MATH 223
    • FDSC 230
    • AEMA 102
    • AEPH 114

    This program starts the week of January 23, 2023. Registration will open the second week of January 2023.

    Peer Mentoring

    Student Accessibility and Achievement's Peer Mentor Program is designed to enrich the university experience of McGill students from diverse backgrounds who are registered with Student Accessibility and Achievement. Our goal is to facilitate access to learning and to support the inclusion of students throughout all stages of their university career.   

    We are devoted to creating an inclusive, supportive, and transparent environment where students feel safe to explore different areas in their lives and receive support based on their individual needs. These areas include, but are not limited to: identifying and working towards short term and long term goals, transitioning to university, developing networks and skillsets, achieving academic goals with learning strategies, managing stressors, and learning about resources around campus.  

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