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Staff tuition policies

Staff Dependent Waivers

Students who are dependents of full-time McGill staff members may qualify for a staff dependent tuition waiver. Employees should contact the HR Service Centre at (514) 398-4747 for information regarding eligibility criteria. The Staff Dependent Tuition waiver policy and the application form can be found on the McGill Benefits site.

Recently the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) announced that, retroactive to 2007, the portion of tuition fees waived for employees' dependents should be recorded as taxable income to the student rather than the employee. This amount will be reported on a T4A slip issued to the student. As this policy is retroactive, it may be that employees and students will require amended tax slips to be prepared for previous tax years. Students should know that if an employee has determined that it would be beneficial to file an amendment for these years, a corresponding T4A slip will be generated to record the scholarship income. In considering the implications of an adjustment to your income for these years, we encourage you to seek independent advice from a qualified tax advisor, or consult the CRA website.

Presently, only the CRA has revised its policy on the tax treatment of tuition fees waived for employees’ dependents. The Ministère du Revenu du Québec (MRQ) has not yet commented on how they will proceed. Until we receive notification of the MRQ’s position, tuition fees waived for employees’ dependents will still be treated as taxable employment income to the employee.

Tuition Assistance for McGill Staff

McGill staff may be entitled to a tuition waiver equivalent to 100% of the portion of eligible tuition fees. For complete details, refer to the policies and procedures found at on the HR website under Employee Assistance. Here you can complete an online request form as you register. Should you not successfully complete the courses as detailed in the policy, the exemption will be cancelled and you will be required to pay these fees according to regular payment deadlines.