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  • A retirement farewell party for Prof. Estelle Hopmeyer attended by SW staff.

  • Social Work Pioneers, Sheila Goldbloom and Estelle Hopmeyer.

  • The School of Social Work signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Ministry of Social Affairs for the Republic of Indonesia.

  • Congratulations to Dr. Myriam Denov - awarded prestigious Trudeau Fellowship. To learn more, see "News and Events".

  • Dr. Myriam Denov and Morris Rosenberg - President and Chief Executive Officer of the Trudeau Foundation

  • New Student Orientation and Welcome Day for M.Sc.(A) Couple and Family Therapy Program – August 2014. Please click "here" to view more photos rom the event.

  • Nico Trocmé, T.S., directeur et professeur à l'école de service social, McGill, Sharon Bond, T.S., T.C.F., professeure et directrice du programme TCF, M.Gill, M. Sylvio Rioux, T.S., dg de l'OTSTCFQ, et Me Richard Silver,T.S., conseiller juridique l'OTSTCFQ

  • Congratulations to Dr. Nico Trocmé appointed as new Director of the McGill School of Social Work. For more information see "News & Events".

  • Congratulations to Wendy Thomson and Mispa Nkuh Basa on the YWCA - 2014 Woman of Distinction. For more information see "News & Events".

  • Book Launch Presenters: Recovering from Genocidal Trauma by Myra Giberovitch. Learn more here...

  • The 2013 Kagedan Lecture on Social Work and Human Rights (Nicolas Morin)

  • Dr. Cindy Blackstock presenting at the Kagedan Lecture on Social Work and Human Rights (Nicolas Morin)

  • Lila Kagedan, Dr. Cindy Blackstock and Elder John Cree, Homecoming 2013 (Nicolas Morin)

  • Dr. Wendy Thomson and Tonino Esposito (PhD Graduate) at Fall Convocation 2013 (Nicolas Morin)

  • Let's celebrate - Fall Convocation (Nicolas Morin)

  • Katrina Cherney, MSW student, recipient of Graduate Excellence Fellowship & Henry Oelberg Memorial Award); Mrs. Barbara Oelberg (award donour)

  • Donna Henchey, Bequests and Planned Giving, DAR; Christine Sparks, MSW student, recipient of Jean Crombie Fellowship & Grment and Alumni Relations; Christine Sparks, MSW student (Jean Crombie Fellowship & Graduate Excellence Fellowship); Ms. Joanne Wallace

  • Eleni Sofouli, MSW student (Graduate Excellence Fellowship & the Eleni Sofouli, MSW student, recipient of Graduate Excellence Fellowship & the Miriam & E. Michael Berger Fellowship; Mrs. Miriam Berger (award donour)

  • PhD Welcome Lunch

  • Welcoming the first international AKA (Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.) Leadership Conference, which was held from July 18-21, 2013 in Montreal. For more information see "News & Events".

  • Congratulations to Shawn-Renée Hordyk, Recipient of the Munroe-Blum Award for Outstanding Contribution to Social Work. For more information see "News & Events".

  • Members from Indigenous Access McGill and First Peoples’ House present Rt. Hon. Paul Martin with a Pendleton Iroquois Turtle Blanket. (Egan Owen)

  • (from left to right) Brenda Paris, ACDPN; Jim Carter, CHSSN, Gemma Matheij, former Director, CSSS Cavendish; George McKenzie, BATSHAW; KATHLEEN WEIL, Minister of Immig. and Cultural Comm.; Dr Wendy Thomson, Dir. McGill School of SW; Leith Hamilton, ACDPN

  • Proud of their achievements, Social Work graduates cheerfully celebrate the Spring 2012 Convocation. (Photo of Nicolas Morin)

  • Ai Thien Tran, winner of the prestigious "Canada's Top 25 Immigrants Award" of 2012, wants to share this honor with McGill School of Social Work and all of his professors who have helped him achieve the dream of becoming a professional social worker.

  • With homecoming comes an update from the Director on news about the School. More on "News & Events".

  • The School’s academic associate Michael Loft, who served in the US Marine Corps for 3 years during the Vietnam era, presents a wreath on behalf of the Aboriginal Veterans of Canada at the 2012 Remembrance Day ceremony taking place on McGill’s Lower Campus.

  • A U.S.- Canada/Québec Health Policy Symposium offered insights into the role of state and provincial-level actors, in particular Québec, in effecting and implementing health reform. Learn more here...

  • The final report of the Ontario Commission to Promote Sustainable Child Welfare was submitted to Minister Hoskins in Sep. 2012. Commissioners Thomson, Lewis and Underwood were pleased to have these original ‘portraits’ as mementos of their 3 years working.

  • The Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB) elected new officers at its meeting in November. From left are Richard Silver of Québec, M. Jenise Comer of Missouri, John McBride of Louisiana and Dorinda Noble of Texas.

  • It's all smiles at Fall Convocation (Nicolas Morin)

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