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Teaching relating to themes of the Labour Law and Development Research Laboratory

Trudeau Foundation interview: Adelle Blackett on the Transnational Futures of International Labour Law.

Graduate and post-graduate studies

The LLDRL supports graduate and post-doctoral fellows interested in working on the main axes of research, several of whom have gone on to tenure-track teaching positions in the field.

Courses relating to themes of the Labour Law and Development Research Laboratory

  • LEEL 369 Labour Law
  • LEEL 570 Employment Law
  • Specialized Topics in Law: Critical Race Theory (not offered in 2016-17)
  • CMPL 516 International Development Law (not offered in 2016-17)
  • CMPL 521 Trade Regulation
  • LAWG 517 Specialized Topics in Law: Slavery and the Law (offered in Fall 2016)

 Please consult Law's Student Affairs Office's website, under Current courses & registration (see the SAO Course Offerings document) for more information about labour law courses offered at McGill.

10 April 2015: Prof. Glen Coulthard interacts with participants in Professor Blackett's Critical Race Theory seminar as part of an Author-Meets-Readers session.

Student-Initiated Seminar on Critical Race Theory

During the Winter 2013 semester, then-students Anne-Karine Dabo, Manpreet Dhaliwal, Emily Elder & Alexander Ostroff organized a three-credit student-led seminar on Critical Race Theory, which was sponsored by Professor Adelle Blackett and supervised by Dr. Armel Brice Adanhounme.

You can listen the audio version of the CRT seminar.