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British Parliamentary Debates (Hansard)

Official publication of the British parliamentary debates, also known as Hansard or the Official Report, began in 1909. Since then, all speeches delivered in both Houses are transcribed by parliamentary staff and printed substantially verbatim. Previously, the debates were compiled in various parliamentary histories and privately published proceedings of Parliament.

British Parliamentary Journals

The Journals record the daily transactions of each House of Parliament. They differ from the Debates in that they record what was done in each House, as opposed to what was said.

Journals of the House of Commons

The contents of the Journals vary through the years, but generally include:

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McGill Library and the Office for Students with Disabilities coordinate programmes and services with the goal of providing a rewarding library experience to users with disabilities. Your suggestions are welcomed.

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McGill Library holds a significant collection of maps, atlases, air photos, satellite imagery, and data covering the greater Montreal region, the province of Quebec, Canada, and the rest of the world.

The links below provide information about the location of each collection as well as details about how materials can be accessed or requested. 

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