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Jill Boruff (on leave December 2013-September 2015)
Liaison Librarian
jacki [dot] brazzeal [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Jacki Brazzeal) 514-398-4475 ext. 09220#
Senior Library Clerk - Circulation Services 
rachel [dot] demoskoff [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Rachel Demoskoff) 514-398-4769
Senior Library Clerk - Interlibrary Loan


giovanna [dot] badia [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Giovanna Badia) 514-398-7340
Liaison Librarian for Bioengineering; Chemical Engineering; Earth and Planetary Sciences; Mining and Materials Engineering
Main floor, Room 207
Jill Boruff (on leave December 2013-September 2015)
Liaison Librarian

Mining engineering


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daniel [dot] boyer [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Daniel Boyer) 514-398-4715 ext. #00156
Associate Dean, User Services, McGill University Library
Head Librarian, Nahum Gelber Law Library
maryvon [dot] cote [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Maryvon Côté) 514-398-4715 ext.


richard [dot] virr [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Dr. Richard Virr) 514-398-4708
Head and Curator of Manuscripts

Joe Fishstein Yiddish Poetry Collection

The collection was donated to the library in 1981 by the family of the collector, the late Joe Fishstein of New York City. It is composed primarily of twentieth century Yiddish belles-lettres, poetry and criticism. While there are many standard works in the collection, there are, as well, many rare pre-World War II East European imprints. There are also scrapbooks of photographs and postcards. The collection includes some 2500 monographs and 200 serials. Most of the volumes have mac-tac bindings made by Fishstein.

French History and Literature

The collection contains a variety of materials documenting French history and literature. There are a number of fragments of early French literary texts including two leaves from a copy of the "Chevalier du Cygne" dated c. 1300. There is a copy dated c. 1660 of the "Receul [sic] des actes de tous les Sinodes Nationnaux...au Royaume de France", 1559-1660. There are also six volumes of "Extracts concernant les Antiquités Françaises" by Jean Baptiste de la Curne de Sainte Palaye (1768) and a copy of Henri de Boulainvilliers "Essay de metaphysique dans le principe de B*** de Spinosa" (c.

Thomas Bewick Collection

The collection was established ca 1969. It includes examples of the wood engravings of Thomas and John Bewick of Newcastle, England, from the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Both monographs (89) illustrated by them and scrapbooks of examples of their work are present. Of particular interest is the recently acquired 1826 edition of A History of British Birds. It is heavily annotated throughout, with notes on the impression of the plates, the descriptions of the birds and the order of the entries on almost every page.

Lawrence Lande William Blake Collection

The collection was established in 1953, the nucleus being the two hundred and fifty items donated by Dr. Lawrence Lande. It has been added to regularly. The collection includes first, early and variant editions of William Blake's literary works and his illustrations for books by Blair (The Grave), Young (Night Thoughts) and others. As well, there are facsimiles of Blake's coloured works; original engravings by Blake and his school; and editions of works by his friends and followers such as Fuseli, Palmer and Calvert. There is also modern criticism of Blake.


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