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Library awards and recognition


Many Library staff members make outstanding contributions to McGill's continued success and exceptional reputation. The annually presented Librarian Excellence Award and Library Staff Excellence Award were created to officially honour the extraordinary service, important efforts and achievements of staff members. Each year, the McGill Library will present two individual awards of $1 000 to a librarian and support staff member whose work has had a positive impact on the Library and its users.

Library staff members are encouraged to nominate co-workers who have shown a profound understanding of the Library’s motto: Information, Innovation, Service coupled with a great commitment and dedication to the Library’s mission statement:

McGill University Library advances teaching, learning, research and community service by providing outstanding collections, access to the world of knowledge, excellence in service and an appropriate library environment, all of which are client-focused and responsive to the needs of the McGill community.

Selection Criteria

All members of the library staff who have been employed at the McGill Library for two years on a full-time basis, with the exception of past winners of the awards and the Dean and Associate Directors, are eligible for nomination. Permanent part-time and permanent sessional staff may be considered for the awards provided the length of service is equivalent to two years of full-time employment in the Library. Nominations will be called annually for each of the awards.

Procedure & Deadline

Following the guidelines for each award, complete the form for each candidate and supply a supporting statement (two pages maximum) by the due date. Send the printed nomination form and supporting statement to the Office of the Trenholme Dean of Libraries - Staff Awards Committee to later than February 28, 2014.

Frequency of Awards

Annually, at the discretion of the Trenholme Dean of Libraries.

Decision Process

The Dean of Libraries, in consultation with the Associate Deans/Directors and the last three recipients of each of the awards will select the successful candidate.

Presentation and Description of the Awards

The awards are presented at an annual celebration. Each winner will receive a $1000 cash prize and a plaque in recognition of his/her contribution.

Librarian Excellence Award


This award recognizes a McGill librarian who has demonstrated excellence in academic librarianship and has shown efforts to improve library services through innovative practice, initiative and resourcefulness.


All librarians employed for over two years are eligible for consideration.


Nominations must be submitted in writing, identifying and describing the nature of the nominee's contribution, together with the endorsement of two McGill librarians.

Past Winners

2014 Sara Holder Schulich Library of Science & Engineering
2013 Maya Kucij Education Library & Curriculum Resources Centre
2012 Amber Lannon Humanities and Social Sciences Library
2011 Amy Buckland Library Technology Services
2010 A. John Hobbins Nahum Gelber Law Library
2009 Adam Gacek Islamic Studies Library
2008 Elaine Yarosky Humanities and Social Sciences Library
2007 Kendall Wallis Humanities and Social Sciences Library
2006 Not awarded
2005 Cynthia A. Leive Marvin Duchow Music Library
2004 Joanna Andrews Library Technical Services
2003 Christine Oliver Library Technical Services
2002 Hanna Waluzyniec Schulich Library of Science and Engineering
2001 Sharon Rankin Systems Office
2000 Sharon Lynn Grant Health Sciences Library
1999 Eleanor MacLean Blacker-Wood Library of Biology
1998 Pat Riva Library Technical Services
1997 Louis Houle Physical Sciences and Engineering Library
1996 Stephen Park Law Library
1995 Selima Mohammed Library Technical Services
1994 Joan Hobbins Library Technical Services
1993 Not awarded
1992 David Crawford Health Sciences Library
1991 Donna Duncan Library Technical Services
1990 Irena Murray Blackader-Lauterman Library
1989 Jane Aitkens Systems Office
1988 Angella Lambrou Health Sciences Library

Library Staff Excellence Award


This award recognizes the outstanding contribution of an Administrative and/or Support staff member at the McGill Library who has demonstrated innovative practice, initiative and resourcefulness in developing efforts to improve the quality of Library service here at McGill.


All members of the support staff, holding a classification of "LA", "C", "M" or "T" and employed for over two years within the Library System are eligible.


Nominations must be submitted in writing, describing the nature of the nominee's contribution, together with the endorsement of two support staff.

Past Winners

2014 Elizabeth Gibson Humanities & Social Sciences Library
2013 Lucy Frenette Macdonald Campus Library
2012 Brenda Stevenson Collection Services
2011 Peter Martinek Howard Ross Library
2010 Geoffrey Marcus Schulich Library of Science and Engineering
2009 Halyna Carpenter Humanities and Social Sciences Library
2008 Lynda Scott Humanities and Social Sciences Library
2007 John Black Marvin Duchow Music Library
2006 Lise Hackett Library Technical Services
2005 Penelope Aubin Library Technical Services
2004 David Curtis Music Library
2003 Anna Di Pietro Health Sciences Library
2002 Zafiro Bouwman Serials Department
2001 Anne Habbick Blacker-Wood Library
2000 Jane Jackel Howard Ross Library/Systems Office
1999 Mary Lourenço Law Library
1998 Louise Nadeau Library Technical Services
1997 Gary Tynski Division of Rare Books and Special Collections
1996 Adèle Toutant Law Library
1995 Theo Lawrence Library Technical Services
1994 Diane Philip Humanities and Social Sciences Library
1993 Francisco Uribe Humanities and Social Sciences Library

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