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1. Blue Cross handbook - Group no. 95258

IHI Rates for the 2016-2017 academic year

  • Single IHI plan: $993
  • Dependent IHI plan: $3,048
  • Family IHI plan: $5,793

    New added benefits for 2016-2017 Blue Cross contract:

    Physician’s fees: increase from 1.5 times the amount specified in the RAMQ fee schedule to 3 times the RAMQ rate
    Hospitalization for mental health: increase from 15 days to 30 days
    Hospitalization outside of Canada: increase from 1 times the RAMQ rate to 3 times the rate (subject to a maximum of $2,000 CAN per day)
    Pregnancy to be included under the pre-existing conditions (subject to a maximum of $10,000)

    Vaccinations are covered at 80% up to a maximum of $300 per policy year*
    Prescription drugs: coverage for iron supplementation
    Breast prosthesis coverage up to a maximum of 1 per breast per 2 calendar year

         PDF icon McGill International Health Insurance Handbook 2016-2017

PDF icon Guide d'assurance pour les étudiants étranger 2016-2017



2. Study Away program

Outside Canada -  95258A

Outside Quebec -  95258B