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Coverage - policy no. 95258

Contract year is defined as each McGill University academic year period from September 1 to August 31 of the following year, except for Exchange students. Your coverage becomes effective:

  • August 15, for the semester starting September 1 or
  • December 15, for the semester starting January 1 or
  • April 15 for the semester starting May 1

You are provided with two complimentary weeks to keep you covered while you settle in prior to the start of your studies.

Types of coverage

  • SINGLE (only you)
  • DEPENDENT (you and your spouse* or you and your dependent** child)
  • FAMILY (you, your spouse and at least one dependent child or you and more than one dependent child)

*Spouse: the person, of opposite sex or same sex, who is:

  • legally married to you, or
  • designated by you and with whom you have been living on a permanent basis for at least one year (this period does not apply if a child is born of such union).

At any given time, only one person may be insured as your spouse.

**Dependent Child(ren): unmarried financially dependent child(ren), until they reach age 18.

To activate your coverage, you must confirm your health insurance contract on Minerva, under International Student Health Insurance Coverage Form.

Get detailed information about your International Health Insurance coverage in the Blue Cross Handbook.

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