Past Events

21 October 2015 - A Conversation with Dennis Edney, lawyer for Omar Khadr

In a packed Moot Court, Mr. Edney received two standing ovations for his account of his journey and ongoing fight on behalf of Omar Khadr.  He shared the painful truth of Khadr’s capture and unthinkable mistreatment for more than ten years at Guantanamo Bay.  He spoke of the impact of apathy, the mechanisms of state-sanctioned torture, and the perversion of torturers being treated as dignitaries. He movingly spoke of his inability to abandon the fight at any stage for any reason believing that others would not take it up, and also his and his family’s decision to welcome Omar Khadr into their home. Listen to the audio (.mp3)


30 September 2015 - The Quebec Charter of Rights and Freedoms at 40: éléments de perspective et de prospective

In a bilingual talk, Mr. Frémont discussed 40 years of the Quebec charter, the advances since its inception, and some troubling trends of late which suggest that, without vigilance, the gains are not irreversible. He also revealed the fascinating results of an extensive province-wide survey on human rights and attitudes toward diversity in Quebec, discussing in particular the evolving attitudes of Quebecers towards minorities and emphasizing the important role of sociology in understanding and shaping the process of change in the Quebec of the future.

Watch the webcast.