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Certificates & Diploma

ECP offers three professional development certificate and diploma programs through the McGill School of Continuing Studies:


Application Deadlines


Application Deadline

Fall                        May 1
Winter September 1
Spring/Summer January 1

Have questions? Read our FAQ below.

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General application & admission questions

Can I still register if I miss the application deadline?

A: Yes; in many cases you can register for departmentally approved courses as a Special Student.  Once you are admitted to a program, you will receive credit for these courses provided that they are courses listed as part of the program you are admitted to.  Normally, Special Students are permitted to register for up to three 03 credit courses before being required to apply to a program.  First time Special Students must register in person, once they receive written permission to register as a Special Student from this department. To book an appointment with the School of Continuing Studies for Special Student Registration  please call 514-398-2900.

What if I don’t have the minimum CGPA required for admission; can I still be considered?

A: This happens frequently; quite often, an applicant who does not have the minimum CGPA required for admission may be offered permission to register for departmentally approved qualifying courses as a Special Student; this is a decision made by the Program Director. Once the qualifying courses are completed, the application is re-evaluated.  Often, the applicant is offered admission to the program based on their success as a Special Student.

Can I take a course even if I’m not currently enrolled in a program?

A. Yes, it's possible to register for certain approved courses Special Student.  Visit our Special Student registration information page. For further information contact: undergrad [dot] education [at] mcgill [dot] ca (e)ecpundergrad [dot] education [at] mcgill [dot] ca

When are Continuing Education courses offered?

A: Courses are offered during the evening, usually from 6 until 9 PM at the downtown McGill campus; they are offered in the evening to accommodate the majority of our students who are pursuing a career in education during the day.

Can I study full-time?

A: Our professional development programs are part-time programs; we do not guarantee that any course will be offered during any given semester. If the courses are offered, it is possible to register for 12 credits per semester, which is considered full time.

Employment opportunities overview

What type of jobs can I apply for with a completed Certificate in Inclusive Education?

A: If you are not a certified teacher, typically graduates of the Certificate in Inclusive Education Program apply for jobs in daycares, as teacher aides, and as Resource Room workers.

What type of jobs can I apply for with a Diploma in Human Relations and Family Life Education Program?

A: Typically our Diploma grads apply for positions in hospitals, schools, community centres, etc. which have a Family life Education Program. For further information, please visit the following web site:

Can I apply for a position as a counsellor upon successful completion of the Graduate Certificate in Counselling Applied to Teaching?

A: No; only those who have successfully completed a certifiable Graduate Degree in Counselling Psychology (such as the MA in Counselling Psychology: Professional/Internship Concentration), i.e., one that is recognized by a governing Order of Counsellors, can practise as a Counsellor and refer to themselves as Counsellors.  This particular program is intended for teachers who may feel that their students might benefit from professional counselling and who then would refer their students to a certified Counsellor or Counselling Psychologist.

Program & curriculum questions

Are there any courses offered online?

A: Yes, but these courses are restricted to teachers who have been given special permission by MELS to register for these to continue their brevet ‘tolerance’.

Where can I find a listing of current course offerings?

A: Check ECP course offerings by semester via the Minerva Course Schedule page.

Do I need to apply for a leave of absence?

A: No, this is not necessary. You may simply not register for courses. Please note that there is a limit of three consecutive inactive semesters, at which time if you have not registered for courses, your ‘session’ will be closed and you will be required to reapply to the program.

Is it possible to take 1 or 2 courses if I'm not enrolled in a program or if I missed a deadline?

A: This may be possible. If you have missed an application deadline and would like to get started right away and not waste a semester, haven't been studying for some time and wish to 'test the waters' or merely require a course or two to meet your goals and don't need to apply to a program, you may be able to register for certain approved courses as a Special Student.

Special Students are those students who are not currently registered in a program and are studying as an independant student, usually on a temporary basis. Visit our Register for an ECP Course as a Special Student page for information related to Special Students, Quebec inter-university transfer students, visiting students, and more.


If  you still have questions, contact us via email at ecpundergrad [dot] education [at] mcgill [dot] ca.


Student resources

Visit our Current Students page for information on McGill Student Services, convocation information, and more. Please note: some information is geared towards the graduate student programs.