In 2018, Hanadi Sleiman will receive the R.U. Lemieux Award and CJ Li the Alfred Bader Award.

These awards will be presented to them during the 101st Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition which is taking place in Edmonton from May 27-31, 2018.   

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Published on: 16 Feb 2018

Richard Lincoln in the Cosa group received the 2017 Gerhard Closs Award from the Inter-American Photochemical Society in Florida in the New Year, where he gave an award lecture entitled “Lighting and Enlightening the Chemistry of the Cell”. This award was set in remembrance of Professor Gerhard L. Closs by the Inter-American Photochemical Society to reward contributions from graduate and undergraduate students for oral presentation at the I-APS Winter Conference on any subject involving photochemistry. Congratulations Richard!

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Published on: 5 Feb 2018

What range of skills contribute to making a successful translator? According to Jean Massicotte, his understanding of linguistics, science, writing techniques and project management paved the way to success. Massicotte is the 2017 recipient of the McGill Associates Prize in Translation (English-French). He received this distinction at the spring graduation ceremony when he was awarded a Certificate in Translation in the English to French option.

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Published on: 27 Jun 2017

Mastering documentation is one of the pathways to translation excellence. Mastering it in more than one language is an added value. Such is the case for Cheryl Smeall, who is the 2017 recipient of the McGill Associates Prize in Translation (French-English). Dr. Smeall received this distinction at the spring graduation ceremony when she was awarded a Certificate in Translation in the French to English option.

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Published on: 27 Jun 2017

Dr. Cristina Mottillo is the recipient of the prestigious 2017 CCUCC Chemistry Doctoral Award from the Canadian Institute of Chemistry (CIC). The Award, sponsored by the Canadian Council of University Chemistry Chairs (CCUCC), recognizes a recent Ph.D. graduate for their outstanding achievement and potential in research. Cristina performed her Ph.D.

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Published on: 7 Feb 2017

Prof. Tony Mittermaier was awarded a CFI-John R. Evans Leaders Fund to acquire a 800 MHz nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) magnet. Most human diseases are caused by malfunctions in the fundamental molecules of life: proteins, DNA, and RNA. Studying the structure and flexibility of the molecules at the atomic level therefore helps us to understand diseases and find cures, much in the same way that the blueprint of an engine can help us to fix it when it is broken.

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Published on: 24 Dec 2016

Co-founders of the start-up ACSYNAM, Inc., a spin-off venture from the McGill University Department of Chemistry, have been selected as one of the ten incredible semi-finalists to compete for a €100,000 prize in the 2016 Skolar Award competition. Dr. Cristina Mottillo, post-doctoral researcher and CSO of ACSYNAM, Inc., will be representing the team by presenting a three-minute science pitch to a panel of judges and an audience from non-scientific backgrounds.

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Published on: 26 Nov 2016

A new athletic financial award -- known as the Jean Béliveau Award -- has been established at McGill University to recognize outstanding student-athletes and honour the memory of the legendary Montreal Canadiens captain and inspirational community leader.

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Published on: 23 Nov 2016


Congratulations to James McGill Professor Xin Zhao who received the 2016 West Agro Inc. Award from the American Dairy Science Association (ADSA).

The award is given to one individual each year "to recognize outstanding research of milk quality as affected by control of mastitis, management of milking, and practices in production of milk."

The award was presented at a ceremony during the annual meeting of the ADSA in Salt Lake City,  Utah.



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Published on: 25 Jul 2016

We would like to congratulate Dr. Manish K. Mishra, currently working in the Department of Chemistry as a Postdoctoral Fellow with Prof. Robin Rogers, who has been selected to be among the 45 finalists for the 2016 Reaxys PhD Prize. The Reaxys PhD Prize is open to students currently in a PhD program or who recently completed their PhD, with emphasis on the areas of synthetic chemistry (e.g., organic, inorganic, organometallic, coordination, medical, materials, and polymer chemistry).

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Published on: 30 Jun 2016

By Katherine Gombay, McGill Newsroom

McGill is proud to announce that five researchers have been awarded over $2.4 million in NSERC Strategic Partnership Grants for 2016.

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Published on: 1 Mar 2016

As part of a collaboration between the Butler group in Department of Chemistry and the Kozinskli group in the Department of Mining and Materials Engineering at McGill, Dr. Hassane Assaaoudi has investigated the effects of temperature, pressure, pH, residence time and reactant concentrations, as well as the presence or absence of CO2, on the size and morphology of erbium hydroxide particles synthesized in a hydrothermal batch reactor and a diamond-anvil cell reactor.

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Published on: 17 Feb 2016

Yasser Gidi from the Cosa group received in February 16th the NSERC Gilles Brassard Doctoral Prize for Interdisciplinary Research. He has developed a novel single-molecule platform that makes it possible to observe and study proteins that allow life-threatening viruses such as hepatitis C and HIV to reproduce, often mutating into forms that are resistant to known drug therapies. Gidi is effectively creating "movies" of individual biological machines in action, with the goal of understanding how the viruses reproduce and how they respond to drugs.

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Published on: 16 Feb 2016

The CNC-IUPAC award is given every year to 4 young chemists in Canada to attend an IUPAC conference. Audrey Moores will be attended the 6th International IUPAC Conference on Green Chemistry taking place in Venice, Italy, in September 2016. This conference is unique in that, in addition to its research focus, society stakeholders, entrepreneurs and educational bodies actively participate in the event and contribute.

 2016 CNC-IUPAC travel awardees

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Published on: 27 Jan 2016