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Call for Papers: International Colloquium - Translation Studies and Geopolitics

Translation and geopolitics have been inextricably linked since the era of the dragoman, but upheavals at the beginning of this century (the war against terrorism, the war in Iraq, the Arab Spring, the wars in Libya, Syria and the Ukraine, as well as other conflicts with international stakes, including the rise of extremism in Europe) have considerably affected and changed the work conditions of language professionals in general, and that of translators in particular. Languages have always been used to speak about ones enemies, but also with one’s enemies.

Published on : 13 Nov 2014

Free access to MS Office 365 ProPlus for faculty & staff, starting in December

Starting in December 2014*, Microsoft will begin offering McGill faculty and staff members FREE access to Office 365 ProPlus. This offering includes the Office 2013 versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other Office apps, and will replace the current Microsoft Work at Home program.

Published on : 29 Oct 2014

Livestream Lecture by Dr. Steven Pinker

Dr. Steven Pinker will be speaking on his new book The Sense of Style: The Thinking Person’s Guide to Writing in the 21st Century. Unable to make Steven Pinker's talk on Friday, October 17th? Dr. Pinker's talk will also be livestreamed starting at 4:00 p.m. sharp. Click here for the livestream. Date:  Friday, October 17, 2014Time:  4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Published on : 16 Oct 2014

Multilingual translator awarded the McGill Associates Prize in Translation

Montreal, August 2014 For many translators, they are driven by two passions: the love of languages and the need to improve intercultural communication. The 2014 recipient of the McGill Associates Prize in Translation (English-French) is no exception to the rule. Ms Hilda Monzon Bosch received this distinction at the spring graduation ceremony when she was awarded her Certificate in Translation.

Published on : 26 Aug 2014

Dynamic polyglot wins the 2014 McGill Associates Prize in Translation

Montreal, August 2014 – According to constructivists, translator competence comes in many shapes and sizes but is not limited to language competence alone.  Much depends on life experiences and the ability to build progressively on these.  Such is the case for Smadar Brandes, the 2014 winner of the McGill Associates Prize in Translation (French-English), which is awarded annually to the student with the best academic record in the Certificate in Translation.

Published on : 26 Aug 2014

Scholarships available for one-credit course taken in collaboration with l’École d’été

This August, McGill University’s School of Continuing Studies (SCS) will be hosting L’École d’été, a yearly event organized by l’Institut de Nouveau Monde. L’École d’été will bring together 500+ youth to engage with civil society leaders on a variety of issues related to social engagement in Quebec.

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Published on : 26 Jun 2014

McGill’s visit to the University of Mines

The delegation of McGill University visited the University of Mines on a working trip. The parties have agreed to draw up and implement a joint program for advanced training and professional retraining. Read more here.

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Published on : 27 May 2014

Scholarship available: Global Change Leaders

Global Change Leaders: Certificate Program for Emerging Women Leaders A scholarship is available in 2014 for one emerging woman leader from a First Nations, Métis or Inuit community in Canada to take part in the Global Change Leaders program, along with other women leaders working on development issues around the world.

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Published on : 16 Apr 2014

Networking Series

Succeed in Your Career The School of Continuing Studies, in collaboration with MACES, invites all our students and alumni to an exciting networking series this May. Listen to stories from professionals in your field and learn as they offer you tips and advice for success in your career. Speakers include professionals from KPMG, Air Canada, TD, OMSignal, Sanofi, RONA, CN, and many more! Professional Networking Series

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Published on : 04 Apr 2014

Graduate Diploma in Translation: Comprehensive Evaluation CCTR 551

Students completing the Graduate Diploma in Translation (GDIT) must sit a comprehensive examination at the conclusion of the GDIT Program.  The examination consists of an oral defense of a best-work portfolio.  This portfolio represents a record of progress made by the candidate throughout his/her studies.  Each candidate prepares a written introduction and comments on selected examples of coursework with a view to demonstrating his/her progress toward greater translation competence.

Published on : 03 Apr 2014

Spring/Summer Semester Dates

Click here for more information.

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Published on : 31 Mar 2014

“Crunch-Time” Writing Workshops!

The last few weeks of the semester can be stressful: final assignments need to be completed, time is running out, and the idea of writing those first words or polishing that final draft can seem overwhelming. Help is on the way! The McGill Writing Centre’s “Crunch-Time” workshops are designed to teach you fundamental skills and strategies that can transform your approach to writing, improve your ability to organize and express your ideas, and enrich your understanding of how to use grammatical forms to make your writing clear, lively, and engaging.

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Published on : 13 Mar 2014

McGill’s flag is at half-mast today

McGill’s flag is at half-mast today for our colleague, Hervé de Fontenay, who died on January 4, 2014. He will be sorely missed.

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Published on : 20 Jan 2014

Archibald, J. (30 août 2013). « Traduire le droit à la ville »

Archibald, J. (30 août 2013).  « Traduire le droit à la ville ». MONTRÉAL : 7e Institut d’été de jurilinguistique, Faculté de droit, Université McGill. http://www.mcgill.ca/centre-crepeau/fr/activities/jurilinguistics/instituts-anterieurs/7e

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Published on : 04 Oct 2013