Soil and Water Resources


** This program is currently not offered. **

Soils support the production of food, fibre, fuel and provide essential ecological services like water filtration and the recycling of atmospheric gases. Water resources are increasingly in demand to support human needs and at risk of contamination and degradation. This specialization focuses on the management and conservation of soil and water, finding sustainable practices that will protect these vital resources now and in the future.

Your courses will explore the functions and dynamic nature of the soil and water resources. You’ll learn methods for predicting and mitigating the degradation of these resources based on the most current scientific information and case studies from real-life situations. 

This specialization must be done along with a major in the BSc(AgEnvSc). The recommended major is Agro-Environmental Sciences.


Your courses will allow you to gain both theoretical and practical knowledge applicable to a multitude of exciting careers in research and the public and private sectors.  

Career paths can include:  

  • Agrologist 
  • Biological scientist 
  • Ecosystem manager 
  • Extension specialist  
  • Soil scientist  
  • Water conservation specialist 

Ready to apply?

For this program, you'll need to apply to the Faculty of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences.

Check the full admission requirements for information about deadlines and whether supporting documents are required as part of your application. 

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