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Full-time students who are residents of Quebec and enroll in this program can apply for the Bourses Perspective Scholarship, a guaranteed $2,500 per successful term.

Civil Engineering


Civil engineers design and construct important public infrastructure, like bridges, roads and sewage systems. This program will provide you with foundational knowledge in civil engineering, including energy conservation, waste and water management, infrastructure restoration and public safety.

Our world is quickly outgrowing its resources — as consumption and production ramp up, managing our impact is more critical than ever. As a civil engineer, you can tackle pressing issues like ecosystem restoration, waste reduction, recycling and air pollution abatement.

Whether you move on to an engaging professional career or further your knowledge with graduate studies, the skills you gain in process design, creative problem solving, and collaboration will help you to excel.


Civil engineers often work as technical specialists on projects in construction design and management, water and power management, geotechnology and transportation design. With strong problem-solving and communication skills, civil engineers are excellent managers and executives.

You could become a professional: 

  • Construction manager
  • Structural engineer
  • Environmental engineer
  • Transportation planner
  • Design engineer
  • Geotechnical project coordinator


As a Civil Engineering student, you will excel with the guidance and expertise of our leading instructors. Our faculty members are experts in a range of disciplines, from structural steel engineering to climate change adaptation and resource management.

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