Why does food seem to travel so far to get to the table? With the complex economic dynamics at play today, people working in agriculture and food systems require solid financial and market analysis, as well as knowledge of appropriate policies.  

This specialization will give you the skills necessary to respond to economic and production challenges of food systems around the world. You will gain a broad understanding of agriculture and food systems, including issues of international development and specialized skills in business management.

This specialization can only be taken with the major in Agricultural Economics.


Commercial agriculture relies on a broad range of manufacturing and service companies — from farming, transportation and processing, to marketing and distribution of agricultural and food products. You could bring your knowledge of agribusiness to management, banking and finance, marketing, NGOs or government work.

  • Agri-business manager
  • Farm manager
  • Management of natural resources
  • Policy Analyst
  • Banking, finance, marketing (agri-food industry)

Possible minors

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