COVID-19 - Parking FAQs

With an increasing number of units now welcoming staff and students back to our campuses for the Fall semester, Parking Services has resumed charging fees effective Sunday, September 27, as was announced by email earlier. Users have the option to purchase daily parking passes or permits. For more information, click here.

I paid for a parking permit prior to the campus shutdown in March but have not been parking on campus due to the COVID-19 closure. How can I request a refund?

If you have not already been contacted about a refund, please send an email to the appropriate department:

  • For a Downtown Campus permit, please [at] (email) the Parking Office.
  • For a Macdonald Campus permit, please [at] (email) Macdonald Campus Security.

I had a parking permit for an outdoor lot prior to the campus shutdown in March. Where can I park if I need to come to the campus?

Downtown Campus: You must re-apply for a parking permit. Please click here for more information.

Macdonald Campus: You must email [at] (Macdonald Campus Security) to make parking arrangements.

I had a parking permit for a garage (680 Sherbrooke, Bronfman, Burnside, Education garages) prior to the campus shutdown in March. Where can I park if I need to come to the Downtown Campus?

Parking in all McGill Downtown Campus garages is restricted until further notice to ensure that the buildings they are connected to remain secured. If you wish to use your garage permit and you are required to work on site, please email [at] (Parking Services) to find out if you're eligible to restart your permit for the garage.

If you have a disability or mobility issue and you have already registered for accommodations through Human Resources OR you have the SAAQ permit for parking in spaces designated for persons with disabilities and you have a permit for a garage but are unable to access it, please email [at] (Parking Services) ahead of your return to work on site to make parking arrangements.

How can I cancel my parking permit permanently?

Downtown Campus: Please fill out the online cancellation request form. Once a permit is cancelled, there is no guarantee another one will be issued to you in the future, as the number of parking spaces on campus is limited, nor is there is a guarantee you would get a permit for the same location should one be issued.

Macdonald Campus: Not applicable.

I'd like to suspend my parking permit until at least the end of December 2020 because of COVID-19. What do I need to do?

Downtown campus: If you wish to suspend your parking permit long term (until at least the end of December, 2020), please fill out the online suspension request form and indicate COVID-19 in the reason for suspension field. Once regular operations resume on the campus, you will be given the option to obtain a new permit or cancel permanently.

Macdonald Campus: Not applicable.

I don't have a parking permit. What do I need to do to be able to park on the campus?


Please click here for more information about purchasing a permit or day passes.

External suppliers and contractors are required to pay for parking. For the Downtown Campus, please contact the parking office by phone at (514) 398-4559 or by [at] (email) for more information. For the Macdonald Campus, please contact Macdonald Campus Security by phone at (514) 398-7770 or by [at] (email) for more information.

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