Permit Request Form - Demande de Permis

At Mcgill University, we have many Construction Projects every year which involve maintenance and rehabilitation of our Buildings and Infrastructure. In order for any type of construction operation to be carried out, all Contractors along with the Project Managers, must fill out a PDF icon dt_demande_permis_operation_levage_-_final_-_version_fev2020official.pdf to gain approval for their Operation.

All Requests, that are more than 30 minutes in duration, can be made for the following :

  • Crane Hoist
  • Excavation
  • Scissor Lift
  • Cement Pouring
  • Asphalting
  • Boom Truck
  • Drilling
  • Sawing
  • Heavy Equipment Transport
  • Skyjack

All Permit Request must be submitted to permis.levage [at] , no less than 5 days before Operation Date.


Starting June 21, 2024 to August 16, 2024 Parking Services Office will be CLOSED every Friday!

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