John H White

Academic title(s): 

Full Member, McGill Centre for Translational Research in Cancer
Professor, Departments of Physiology and Medicine, McGill University

John H White
Contact Information

Department of Physiology
McGill University
McIntyre Medical Sciences Building
3655 Promenade Sir William Osler
Montreal, Quebec H3G 1Y6

Email address: 
john.white [at]
Molecular modeling and new drug development: Development of Biological and Chemical Agents
Current research: 

Dr. White's research interest is on various aspects of regulation of gene expression. Much of the work centers on the role of nuclear receptors in controlling gene transcription. His lab has been interested in the molecular mechanisms of action of estrogen receptors (ERs). They are also studying the genomics of nuclear receptor action, more specifically the potential role of vitamin D3 receptor target genes in controlling the growth of cancer cells. 

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