McGill Program in Cancer Prevention

Ceci est un cours de formation en ligne pour les infirmières afin d’aider leurs patients à prévenir le tabagisme et à cesser de fumer.


This is an innovative online training course for nurses to help their patients with smoking prevention and cessation.   




Created in June 2002, the division of Cancer Prevention of the Department of Oncology, Faculty of Medicine, is a multidisciplinary program that encompasses clinical, research and academic work in cancer prevention at the University. In close collaboration with the programs in Cancer Epidemiology and Cancer Genetics, the program focuses on the integration of research and clinical interests related to cancer prevention at McGill, and fosters further academic work in the field.

For the public, clinical services and educational materials about cancer prevention, and information about upcoming public lectures and programs are located at our clinical centre, which is based at the Jewish General Hospital. 

The clinical services are currently offered at McGill's Jewish General Hospital site. 


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