Recommended websites

Please visit the Cancer Prevention Centre site to explore websites that we recommend for individuals who want specific information about cancer prevention, risk factors, lifestyle changes and cancer genetics.

Affiliated Academic Websites:
McGill Department of Oncology
Pollak Research Lab
Cancer Epidemiology
Cancer Genetics
Your Cancer Risk-Siteman Cancer Centre, Washington University
Votre Risque de Cancer-McGill University, Jewish General Hospital and Siteman Cancer Center, Washington University
M.D. Anderson Cancer Risk Assessment

Genetics & Family History Websites:
Genetics 101
Knowing and recording your family health history
Genetic Counseling

Smoking & Tobacco Websites:
The Facts About Tobacco-Health Canada
Les Faits sur le Tabagisme (Santé Canada)
Strategies For Quitting
Vivez Sans Fumée (Santé Canada)
Pregnancy & Smoking

Bladder Cancer Websites:
Bladder Cancer (Canadian Cancer Society)
Bladder Cancer (American Cancer Society)

Breast Cancer Websites:
Breast Cancer Action Montreal report
Breast Cancer Action Montreal
Breast Cancer (American Cancer Society)
Reducing the Risk of Breast Cancer
Réduire les Risques de Cancer du Sein

Colon Cancer Websites:
Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada
Colon Cancer (American Cancer Society)
Colonoscopy & Sigmoidoscopy FAQs

Cervical & Ovarian Cancer Websites:
Screening for Cervical Cancer-Health Canada
Dépistage du Cancer du Col de l'Utérus
Cervical Cancer (American Cancer Society)
Cervical Cancer (Canadian Cancer Society)
Cancer du Col de l'Utérus (Société Canadienne du Cancer)
Ovarian Cancer (Canadian Cancer Society)
Le Cancer de l'Ovaire (Société Canadienne du Cancer)

Liver Cancer Websites:
Liver Cancer
Le Cancer de Foie

Lung Cancer Websites:
Lung Cancer
Le Cancer du Poumon

Prostate Cancer Websites:
Prostate Cancer (Canadian Cancer Society)
Le Cancer de la Prostate (Société Canadienne du Cancer)
Prostate Cancer (American Cancer Society)
PSA Testing-Q&As

Skin Cancer & Melanoma Websites:
Facts About Sunscreen
The ABCDs of Melanoma
Facts About Melanoma
Tanning Beds & Skin Cancer
Skin Cancer (Mayo Clinic)

Nutrition & Cancer Prevention Websites:
Diet and cancer prevention
Preventing Cancer With Food
Canada's Food Guide to Healthy Eating
Guide Alimentaire Canadien Pour Manger Sainement
Mediterranean Diet Pyramid
Center for Science in the Public Interest
Calculate Your BMI


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