Pollak Research Lab

Michael Pollak Laboratory 2024

Dr. Michael Pollak holds the Alexander Goldfarb Research Chair in cancer research at McGill University, Montreal, Canada, and directs the Division of Cancer Prevention of the Department of Oncology.  He practices medical oncology at the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal, and is involved in clinical trials of novel agents related to growth factor targets. He also runs a research lab at the Lady Davis Research Institute, which is affiliated with the Hospital and McGill. The laboratory conducts research focusing on insulin and IGF physiology in relation to cancer, and also provides specialized ELISA assays for epidemiologic and pharmaceutical collaborators.  

Dr. Pollak has published more than 515 research papers, has more than 68,578 citations of scientific contributions, and an H-Index of 129. In addition, collaborates with leading cancer research groups worldwide in laboratory, clinical, and epidemiologic studies related to the role of growth factors in human cancer.




"Could 50% of all cancers be prevented?" - March 28, 2018

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