Closeup of surgeon's gloved hand and instrument

Divisions of Surgery

Cardiac Surgery

Division Director: Renzo Cecere, MD
Program Director: Emanuel Moss, MD
Research Director: Shum-Tim, Dominique

General Surgery

Division Director: Paola Fata, MD
Program Director: Sender Liberman, MD
Associate Program Director: Katherine McKendy, MD
Research Director: Steven Paraskevas, MD

Orthopaedic Surgery

Division Director: Greg Berry, MD
Program Director: Mitchell Bernstein, MD
Research Director: Jake Barralet, MD
Research Director: John Antoniou, MD

Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery

Division Director: Mirko Gilardino, MD
Program Director: Joshua Vorstenbosch, MD
Research Director: Anie Philip, PhD

Thoracic Surgery

Division Director: Lorenzo E. Ferri, MD, PhD



Division Director: Simon Tanguay, MD
Program Director: Mohamed El Sherbiny, MD
Research Director: Simone Chevalier, PhD

Vascular Surgery

Division Director: Kent MacKenzie, MD
Program Director: Jason Bayne, MD
Research Director: Heather Gill, MD

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