Administrative Officers

Administrative Officers in the Faculty of Education

Dilson Rassier
Associate Deans
Sheryl Smith-Gilman (Academic Programs)
Caroline Paquette (Administration)
Marie-Helene Pennestri (Research and Innovation)
Unit Heads
Gordon Bloom – Chair, Kinesiology and Physical Education
Victoria Talwar; M.A. (St. Andrews), Ph.D. (Queen's) – Chair, Educational and Counselling Psychology
Lisa Starr; B.Ed.(Regina), M.A.(Phoenix), Ph.D.(Vic., BC) – Chair, Integrated Studies in Education
Internships and Student Affairs Manager
Yasmine Zein
Senior Manager, Finance and Resource Planning
Daniela Frischer
Senior Adviser to the Dean
Allyson Noftall
Human Resources Adviser
Simona Lupu
Administrative Assistant
Degane Sougal
Building Director
Vanessa Bridgman
David Maris (Deputy Building Director)
Marketing and Communications Officer
Andee Schuster
Associate Director Development
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