Sufficient Course Information

What You Need to Know

Handbook on Student Rights and Resonsibilities

Charter of Students' Rights, Articles 10-11

10.1 The University shall provide students with sufficient course information to permit the student to make informed course selection. This information should include, where appropriate:

(a) Pre-requisites for courses,
(b) Course descriptions,
(c) Course availability,
(d) The method of evaluation, and
(e) Change of course periods.

10.2 Every instructor shall provide students during the first week of lectures with a written course outline. This information should include, where appropriate:

(a) A description of the topics to be considered in the course,
(b) A list of required and recommended readings and other materials,
(c) A description of the means of evaluation to be used in the course,
(d) A statement regarding the right of every student to submit in English or in French written work that is to be graded (not applicable to courses in which acquiring proficiency in a language is one of the objectives).
(e) The instructor’s office hours for students, office location and telephone number for office appointments.

11. Where students are permitted a choice of courses or course loads, the University shall provide a reasonable change of course period.

Who You Can Talk To

  • Your instructor

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What Else You Can Do

If you encounter a problem, you may choose to contact your Faculty Associate Dean or Director.

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