What You Need to Know

Handbook on Student Rights and Responsibilities

Library Users' Code of Behaviour

Library users please remember:

1. Bring your valid McGill ID with you. It is required for identification, borrowing materials and access purposes and must be produced on request.

2. For your own protection do not leave your personal belongings unattended. Security and library staff wake students who are sleeping to prevent theft of their belongings.

3. Library materials, facilities or equipment must not be removed without authorization; familiarize yourself with borrowing conditions and the use of technology and equipment in the Library and respect them. Failure to follow the conditions may result in library fines or sanctions.

4. Food is not permitted in the library. Reusable water bottles or other sealed drink containers are permitted in Library spaces. Water fountains are available throughout the building.

5. Do not deface, mutilate, inappropriately use or willfully deprive other users of library materials, facilities or equipment. Do not highlight, underline or write on printed content.

6. Do not disturb other users through such activities as discussions or telephone conversations, particularly in quiet study zones. There are specially designated areas for group study and other areas where quiet conversations and cell phone use are permitted.

7. Do not harass library staff and others users, or threaten the well-being or dignity of library staff and others.

8. Observe copyright, intellectual property rights and academic integrity, when using library materials.

Failure to follow the Library Code of Behaviour may result in sanctions or disciplinary action.


Where You Can Talk To

What Else You Can Do

If you encounter a problem, you may choose to contact:

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