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Living in residences

Welcome to residences! We hope you have a wonderful time and we look forward to helping you enter this exciting new chapter of your life. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with these pages which include useful information on respect for your fellow resident students, your lease, cleaning, laundry and more. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask - we are here to help!

Cleaning and Maintenance

Students are responsible for the upkeep of their own rooms/apartments. Mops, brooms and vacuums are available from the porters/janitors in each hall. Common areas such as washrooms, TV lounges, and hallways are cleaned by the custodial staff. Students are asked to help maintain common areas for the enjoyment of all. MORE students are responsible for daily cleaning and upkeep of the kitchens and common rooms, which will only be cleaned by custodial staff twice weekly. Residents are liable for the cost of cleaning or damages caused by smoke of any kind (candles, cigarettes, etc).

Communal living

Respect is one of our most important rules in residences. While you live here, we require that you respect yourself (keeping your health and wellness a priority), the people around you (other residents of the building, residence staff, and others), and the buildings themselves. It’s essential that you honor the lease that you sign when you move in, that you lower the music when someone asks you to (ideally before!), and clean up after yourself in common rooms. For many students, one of the greatest adjustments to residence life is learning to live in a communal setting. Prospective residents should bear in mind that the residence environment is likely to be more noisy and disruptive than that which they are accustomed to. We ask that students practice both tolerance and respect for their roommates and neighbours to help ensure that residence is a comfortable community to all.


Questions About Your Lease
These are legal documents that must be respected. If at any time you have questions regarding the lease, please contact the Student Housing and Dining Service Centre at 514-398-6368 or housing.residences [at] (by email).

Lease Dates
Your lease begins on August 22th, 2020. For Upper Residences, RVC, University Hall, Carrefour Sherbrooke, New Residence Hall, and La Citadelle your lease ends AT NOON on April 30, 2021. For MORE Houses and Solin, your lease ends AT NOON on July 31, 2021 and you have occupancy of your room until that date.

Moving Out
Students in most residences must vacate their rooms April 30th, 2021 BY NOON. Students at Solin and MORE Houses have occupancy of their residences until July 31st, 2021 at NOON. Leave your room in the same condition as when you arrived; if not, you will be charged for missing furniture and bedding, damages and/or cleaning costs. For more information please contact Residence Admissions at 514-398-6368.

Doing laundry

oneCard is the only method of payment for laundry in residences. Visit the oneCard page for everything you need to know about doing laundry in residence. Watch this helpful video if you have general questions regarding how to do laundry.

Room change application

Room change applications are open in the middle of September.


McGill Residences does not insure students’ belongings. In case of theft, fire or flood, students must rely on their own insurance providers. Many home insurance plans offer benefits for students who stay in a university residence away from home - check with your insurer for details. Alternatively, ask an insurance company about their options for university residences. Students are advised to check their own (or their parent’s) policy to establish whether or not they are eligible for coverage.

Tabling in Residences, Postering, and Event Permits

Tabling in Residences
For student and non-student groups wishing to set up a table and promote their club/service/event in our residence buildings or RVC cafeteria, please submit the Tabling in Residence form.

Schedule for Poster Stamping

If you wish to put up posters in residence, all posters must be approved and stamped by SHHS - please make an appointment with us to get your poster stamped. Contact: [at]

Event Permits for Residence Students

Residence Groups that wish to hold events in residence buildings must fill out an Event Permit and obtain the signatures of the Residence Life Manager, and, in cases where alcohol will be served, the Senior Director, Student Housing and Hospitality Services and the Associate Director, Residence Life.

How to submit the Event Permit

Fill out the entire form by hand or electronically, get all the required signatures/initials, and either scan it and email it to [at] or bring it in person to Carrefour Sherbrooke (475 Sherbrooke Street West, 2nd floor).

Please familiarize yourself with the Student Housing Tabling and Poster Policy.


Pets are not permitted in any residence buildings on McGill Campus.

Regulations pertaining to alcohol use

Students are obliged to adhere to Provincial laws as well as McGill University and Residences policies pertaining to the use of alcohol on the premises.

Please see Responsible Use Of Alcohol In McGill University Residences.

Fire Safety

It is a serious offence to tamper with and/or cause damage to fire safety and prevention equipment (including but not limited to smoke detectors, fire hoses, pull stations, sprinkler heads, fire extinguishers, emergency lighting, breaker switches and fire exit doors).  Doing so places lives in danger and will not be tolerated. Residents who tamper with fire safety and prevention equipment:

  • face an immediate $250 minimum fine and disciplinary action.
  • are financially responsible for damages and/or other costs resulting from tampering with fire safety equipment or from their actions whether intentional or accidental which result in damage to fire safety equipment.

A second offence will result in eviction and immediate referral to the Committee on Student Discipline.

 Candles, hookahs/sheeshas, incense and similar objects pose a significant fire risk and may not be used in McGill Residence Buildings. Deep fat frying likewise poses a significant fire risk and is not allowed in McGill Residences.

  • Residents found using candles, hookahs/sheeshas, incense and/or other flammable materials, and/or deep fat frying anywhere inside Residence buildings face an immediate minimum fine of $250
  • Subsequent offences will result in additional fines and disciplinary action.

Residents who cause an alarm and/or fire and/or other damage:

  • face an immediate  $250.00 minimum fine and disciplinary action
  • are financially responsible for damages and/or other costs resulting from their actions.
  • are financially responsible for  all fees and fines charged to the University by the City of Montreal (current minimum charge for emergency services:  $3,000 plus taxes) •

Residents are responsible and liable for their guests’ behaviors for all fire safety regulations.


  • McGill Residences is committed to providing a smoke-free environment for our students. 
  • Quebec Law prohibits smoking all closed areas of educational institutions. All McGill buildings are non-smoking. This includes electronic cigarettes, also known as E-Cigarettes.

  • Residents may not smoke in their room, in corridors, stairwells, common areas or anywhere else inside Residence buildings.

  • Residents found smoking anywhere inside Residence buildings face an immediate minimum fine of $250

  • Subsequent offences will result in additional fines and disciplinary action.

  • Residents are also advised that under Quebec lease law, landlords have the right to evict tenants found smoking in their buildings in violation of no smoking rules expressly stipulated in their leases and the rules of the building.

  • Residents are also liable for the cost of cleaning (steam cleaning of carpet, soft furniture, mattress, cleaning of curtains and drapes, washing/painting of walls or ceiling) and/or damages caused by smoke of any kind (candles, cigarettes, etc). 

  • Each room is equipped with a smoke detector. Tampering with fire safety equipment places lives in danger and will not be tolerated.

  • Residents who cover, remove, disable or otherwise tamper with fire safety equipment face an immediate $250 fine and disciplinary action. 

  • A second offence will result in eviction and immediate referral to the Committee on Student Discipline.

Residents are responsible and liable for their guests’ behaviors for all no smoking regulations.




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