All Student Funding services are being handled remotely.

Payment Methods

Payment methods determine how a student will receive the award or stipend.

Accounts Payable payment method will be deposited directly to a student's bank account. When choosing this method, ensure that the student is registered with direct deposit information in Minerva.  

Accounts Receivable payment method will be directed to the student's fee account. Take note before paying tuition be aware of the following:

  • The student may have previous o/s fee balances
  • The new award payment will always pay the old debt first
  • One lump sum payment per term at the beginning of the term (fall and winter) as incremental payments are not permitted

Pay attention to the payment method when customizing a disbursement schedule as the Accounts Receivable payment method is defaulted.


  • Convocation prizes are recommended to be paid to Accounts Payable during the last semester a student is registered.
  • CHEQUES are no longer available as a method of payment.
  • Sanctioned countries are ineligible to the issuance of CHEQUES regardless of exceptional circumstances. For a list of sanctioned countries, visit the following two websites: Current Sanctions Imposed by Canada and Sanctions Programs and Country Information


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