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Award Processing Checklist

View the step-by-step instruction guide (with visual aids) on how to validate awards submitted through BSA:

PDF iconAward Processing Checklist: Instruction Guide

Golden Rule:

Students should always seek assistance from their departments with regards to their funding and awards.

Students, therefore, should never be directed to the Award Processing Support Service/Student Funding or to Service Point.Student Validation (SIS access required).

Student Validation (SIS access required)

  1. Always ensure that the student is currently registered and will remain registered throughout the duration of award span (start/end dates). View the student’s Unofficial Transcript in Minerva.
  2. Always review the student’s record for eligibility criteria. The complete list eligibility rules are found on the Student Funding website.
  3. Ensure student has an 'active' status.
  4. Check to see if student if full-time/part-time, in a degree program, has the appropriate number of credits to meet the restrictions of the award.

NOTE: Remind students to update their personal student records with:

  • Direct deposit information (Canadian banks only).
  • Ensure their address information is current and active (pay attention to expiry dates). The active record must be the most recent sequence #.
  • Resolve any admissions document deficiencies.

Award Validation (Finance access required)

Always ensure the following:

  1. Finance Fund exists
  2. Aid Fund exists
  3. Budget is available in BSA/Finance
  4. Disbursement schedule option chosen
  5. Appropriate payment method chosen
    • Accounts Payable payment method will be deposited directly to a student's bank account. When choosing this method, ensure that the student is registered with direct deposit information in Minerva. CHEQUES are no longer available as a method of payment.
    • Accounts Receivable payment method will be directed to the student's fee account. Before directing fellowship/award payments towards the students’ fee account, please be aware of the following: The student may have previous o/s fee balances. The new award payment will always pay the old debt first.


  • Pay attention to the payment method when customizing a disbursement schedule as the Accounts Receivable payment method is defaulted.

  • Inform students of the disbursement schedule to help them determine when to expect payment of awards.

Award Verification (BSA access required)

  1. Check the student’s award status in Minerva. Use Award Summary Search to verify the status of the award. To verify your awards, click here.  
  2. Always inform student.funding [at] for any cancellations, changes to dates, amounts or payment methods, budget adjustments/increases, Aid Fund Code creation and other BSA related issues.
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