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University Withdrawal Request

If you are registered for courses and attempting to withdraw prior to the 9th week of classes (late course withdrawal with no refund deadline), you must do so in Minerva.

If you are not registered for courses, you may use this form.

This form is for all undergraduate students except for those in the Faculties of Arts and/or Science.

Arts and/or Science students seeking to request a university withdrawal must complete the Request for a Late Withdrawal form.

Before making a final decision to withdraw from the University:

You are considered to be withdrawn from the entire academic year (i.e., Fall and Winter terms) if you withdraw from the University in the Fall term. Follow the procedures for readmission if you plan on returning for the Winter term, except if you are in the Schulich School of Music, in which case you must contact your Student Affairs Office, or the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, which only allows for readmission in the Fall term.

Make sure to review the University Withdrawal regulations and resources before submitting this form.

Once you submit this form, it is your responsibility to provide any supporting documents (if needed) to your faculty Student Affairs Office to complete your university withdrawal request.

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