Undergraduate Tuition Rates Fall/Winter 2023-24

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Tuition Fees by Residency |  Student Services Fees and Athletics and Recreation Fees  |  General Administrative Charge

Tuition fees will rise by 3% which is reflected in the amounts shown below.

Tuition Fees by Residency

Quebec Students/Canadian Students and Permanent Residents
  Tuition per credit
Students who have proven they qualify for the Quebec rate of tuition 96.03
Students who have proven that they qualify for the Canadian fee rate (fees are composed of the Quebec rate $96.03 plus an out of province supplement $203.70)


International Students
For information, refer to Tuition increases 2023-24.  

Student Services Fees and Athletics and Recreation Fees

Students, with the exception of the School for Continuing Studies, are assessed Student Services Fees and Athletics and Recreation Fees based on a range of credits.

2023-24 rates Student Services Fees Athletics & Recreation Fees
0 – 8.99 credits 117.07 (Downtown campus)
108.49 (Macdonald campus)
9 credits and over 194.88 (Downtown campus)
180.57 (Macdonald campus)

Society and certain faculty-based fees have a wide variety of fee structures that may be charged based on a flat rate, on a range of credits, or per credit.

General Administrative Charge

This fee is charged in the Fall term only to all students in credit programs on a flat rate basis. Where students are paying the Athletics and Recreation Charge, the fee is reduced by a pro-rated amount. Where students only start in the Winter term, or have not been enrolled in the Fall term, the fee will be charged upon being enrolled.

The fee ranges from $56.78 to $59.78 in 2023-24.

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