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Student Society Fees

The majority of student society fees are compulsory fees collected on behalf of student organizations. Fees must be approved by the student body through fee referenda according to the constitutional rules of the association or society. Some fees are optional and students may opt-out during a defined opt-out period in September/January. To opt-out students should access the Student Accounts Menu in Minerva. Please note that this does not apply to the student society health and dental insurance plans. For more information, see Student Insurance.

Changes to student society fees are voted upon by the students during the Spring and Fall referendum periods. Some fees are pro-rated for part-time students.

Annual fees at the undergraduate level range from $337 - $1,037.

Fees at the graduate level range from $128 - $777, depending on the student's classification and program.

For more detailed information, please see the major Student Society websites:

PGSS (Graduate)
SSMU (Undergraduate)
MCSS (Macdonald campus)
MACES (Continuing Studies)

Student Services Fee

Student Services fees are governed by the Senate Committee on the Coordination of Student Services, a parity committee composed equally of students and University staff. Through the Office of the Executive Director, Services for Students, these services, promoting student success and well-being, are available on the Downtown and Macdonald campuses to help students achieve greater academic, physical, and social well-being.

These fees are complemented by revenue from the Quebec government, the University, and the generosity of donors. They support: Student Health Services, Mental Health Services, Counselling and Tutorial Services, Chaplaincy, Career Planning Service (CaPS), Scholarships and Student Aid, International Student Services, the Office for Students with Disabilities, Campus Life & Engagement (including assistance for Francophone students), and the First Peoples' House.   Rates range from $47.08 to $144.91 per term.

Athletics and Recreation Fee

The Athletics and Recreation Fee supports programs offered on the downtown and Macdonald campuses. The fee provides access to most athletics facilities, however registration to fitness and recreation courses, intramural sports, pay-as-you go programs and/or the Fitness Centre carry a supplemental charge. Please consult the Athletics and Recreation website for further information. Rates range from $39.75 to $130.83 per term.

General Administrative Charge

This fee originated from increases in ancillary fees that were allowed by the Quebec Government. The University complies with the Quebec government’s regulation on administrative fee increases by applying the same indexation factor that the government applies to tuition to this charge. A portion of the amount continues to be directed to Athletics (except in the School of Continuing Studies).

Registration Charge

All students in courses and programs will be assessed a Registration Charge. The charge will range from $7.60 per credit to $114.00 per term (charged on a flat rate basis to full-time students).

Information Technology Charge

The purpose of the Information Technology Charge is to enhance certain technology services provided to students as well as to provide training and support to students in the use of new technology. The charge will range from $7.42 per credit to $111.30 per term (charged on a flat rate basis to full-time students).

Transcripts and Diploma Charge

The University charges a Transcripts and Diploma Charge to all students. This entitles students to order transcripts free of charge and covers the costs of producing diplomas and some of the costs associated with the Convocation ceremony. Students who attend the Convocation may be responsible for some additional costs. The charge will range from $1.35 per credit to $20.25 per term(charged on a flat rate basis to full-time students).

Copyright Fee

All students in courses and programs are charged a copyright compliance fee. This fee covers the cost of using material protected by copyright. It is levied to comply with all Quebec and Canadian copyright laws.