Two upcoming Academic Medicine ‘Last Page’ articles for Aliki Thomas and André Bussières


Each issue of the prestigious journal, Academic Medicine, concludes with a highly coveted ‘Last Page’ article. This year, Dr. Aliki Thomas and Dr. André Bussières have had not one, but two articles accepted for this honour that will be published in an upcoming special issue entitled: “Conducting Research in Medical Education: Tips from Idea to Publication.” The first article is titled “Knowledge Translation and Implementation Science in Health Professions’ Education: Time for Clarity?” and explores the definitions of Knowledge Translation and Implementation Science, focusing on various types of knowledge utilization, with illustrative examples. The second article, entitled “Towards a Greater Understanding of Implementation Science in Health Professions’ Education” describes a 4-step implementation process in greater detail, outlining each step complete with the purpose, methods, outcomes, and examples.