Successful Research Efforts at SPOT


Published: 26May2017

Congratulations all around to the very successful research efforts at SPOT. Under the leadership of Director of Research, Dr. Matthew Hunt, this year we can see terrific objective results of these efforts:
"Chercheurs-boursiers" - Senior - Dr. Philippe Archambault
"Chercheurs-boursiers" - Junior 2 - Dr. Matthew Hunt
"Chercheurs-boursiers" - Junior 1 - Dr. Marie Brossard-Racine and Dr. Timothy Wideman
"Formations postdoctorales" - Livia Carvalho, Catherine Duclos and diana Zidarov
"Formation de doctorat pour les détenteurs d'un diplôme professionel - Marie-Ève Bolduc, Arthur Woznowski-Vu and from our UQAC program, UQAC Physiotherapy student, Marie-Pier Roussel!