Social Work Student Association (SWSA)

What Does SWSA Do?

- supports the social work undergraduate student community

- facilitates meaningful learning opportunities outside of school

- organizes fun social events for students

- advocates on behalf of students for school changes and improvements

SWSA is a liaison between students and faculty at the School of Social Work and between the School of Social Work and the wider McGill University community.

SWSA / Social Work Student Association (undergraduate):

For help or information about SWSA please contact:

Hannah Kirk-Aubut (communications.swsa [at] or

Nour Daoud (internal.swsa [at]

The current SWSA execs are:

Internal Affairs Coordinator: internal.swsa [at] (Nour Daoud)

Communications Coordinator: communications.swsa [at] (Hannah Kirk-Aubut)

Events Coordinators: events.swsa [at] (Megan McIntosh and Eleni Parigoris)

Equity Coordinator: equity.swsa [at] (Kayla Bakos)

Finance Coordinator: finance.swsa [at] (Oliver Zakhour)

U3-Representative: u3-rep.swsa [at] (Julia Barclay)

SSMU Representativessmu-rep.swsa [at] (Jo Roy). 

We are here to support you and ensure a successful adjustment for SWSA and social work faculty under these current circumstances and with the many changes for the new school year. 

Connect With Us:

SWSA General FB page:

Cohort specific groups:

(*Note: please only request to join if currently a student of that cohort in the BSW program at McGill University.)

Year: 2020-2021




SWSA IG page:

To connect with the Social Work Association of Graduate Students (SWAGS) at McGill:




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