Qualifying Year Program

NOTE: Field Practice is required for all Qualifying Year students.


The Qualifying Year (Q Yr) practice courses provide an opportunity for the student to apply concepts and theories learned in the classroom under the guidance of a qualified field instructor. The goal of the field education program at the Q Yr is also to provide field placements that may allow students to acquire skills and experiences with diverse communities and settings. Students will develop practice competence in psycho-social and community assessment, evaluation, intervention and planning as an entry level professional within the agency or community organization. Practice courses may include work with individuals, groups, families, organizations and communities.


Field practice courses are not awarded a letter grade, they are evaluated on a pass/fail basis.

About the Q Yr:

  • Q Yr field placements are available in either community based settings or public service organizations.
  • Q Yr students spend 2 ½ days per week, from September to mid-April in the field for a total of 520 field hours (260 hours per course/term).
  • Field days are Tuesdays, Thursdays and Friday afternoons. However, meeting and other agency obligations might require the student to work an evening or alternate time.
  • The field placement will be carried out in one field setting during the whole academic year even though it represents two courses.

Q Yr students cannot:

  • End the practicum early regardless of hours accrued.
  • Do their field placement in an agency/setting in which they have worked or are currently working.
  • Do the field placement in a block.

Required Courses:

  • SWRK 322 Field Practice 1
  • SWRK 323 Field Practice 2