Exhibit on knowledge sharing & trust with research by Prof. Evans of the School of Information Studies opens at Ontario Science Centre

Published: 10 October 2014

“In Knowledge We Trust” is an exhibit running at the !dea Gallery in the Ontario Science Centre (OSC), inspired by research of Dr. Max Evans of the McGill School of Information Studies.

"How do we share what we know? Sharing knowledge helps us build on past experiences, respond more quickly and efficiently to problems, develop new ideas, and avoid repeating past mistakes. It’s essential for scientific discoveries, learning at school, and getting the things we need to know to do our jobs and live our everyday lives. But what is it that makes us willing to share the knowledge we have with others or use the knowledge we receive? What part does trust play? And what is "knowledge", anyway?"

The exhibit teaches visitors about the concept of "knowledge" and highlights connections between knowledge sharing and inter-personal trust. As well, it features visual interpretations of what "knowledge" looks like to children and adults through drawings which explore and communicate the abstract concept of knowledge.

Visit the !dea Gallery website for more information on “In Knowledge We Trust.” The exhibit runs from October 6th, 2014 - December 7th, 2014.


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