Breaking with traditions: Communicating science is more than writing a paper


Hosted by McGill Science Outreach

Science communication and outreach have a growing importance in academics' careers. It's not only about publishing anymore. More grant and tenure committees are taking into account how the candidate has helped their community, therefore highlighting the importance of impactful science communication and outreach. Improving your science communication skills will also lead you to develop many other skills which could be highly valuable, whether you want to pursue an academic career or not.

During this online presentation via Zoom, we will discuss the importance of science communication and outreach in 2021, how it can benefit the public and scientists, and how to get started with sharing your work and passion with lay audiences. For scientists of all levels, undergrads and graduate students, outreach educators and science communicators. We will be using closed captioning and sharing the slides after the workshop. If we can make this workshop more accessible for you, please contact Jacky Farrell, Science Outreach Program Advisor. at jacqueline.farrell [at]
Registration is required here by February 26th. 
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