Bicentennial Mini-Science: The future of chemistry


Tomislav Friščić
Image by Martin Lipman / NSERC.

With Tomislav Friščić, Professor, Dept. of Chemistry, McGill University

In this presentation on the future of green chemistry, Dr. Friščić will explain how chemistry can change the world for the better as he details some of his most recent research and other fascinating developments in the field.

Dr. Friščić is an award-winning scientist working in the field of green chemistry developing solvent-free chemical reactions for a more globally friendly production system. He studied at the University of Zagreb, as well as the University of Iowa. Dr. Friščić was also a fellow at Pfizer Institute for Pharmaceutical Materials Science, and the University of Cambridge. Since then, he has received many awards for his research including an Award for Research Excellence in Materials Chemistry from the Canadian Society for Chemistry in 2019. Other awards include the National Research Council Steacie Prize for Natural Sciences 2018, Royal Society of Canada Rutherford Memorial Medal in Chemistry 2018, and from 2018-2019 he was a World Economic Forum Young Scientists member.

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