October 11, 2005

Faculty of Science, Meeting of Faculty
Tuesday, October 11, 2005
3:00 PM, Leacock Council Room (232)

Agenda - October 11, 2005 [.pdf]

Minutes, September 13, 2005 - S-05-7 [.pdf]

Candidates for Degrees

- Bachelor of Science; S-05-8 To be Tabled

- Bachelor of Arts and Science; S-05-9 To be Tabled

- Diploma of Environment; S-05-10 To be Tabled

- Diploma of Meteorology; S-05-11 To be Tabled

Reports of Committees

a) Committee on Student Standing
- Associate Dean (Student Affairs) Leighton
S-05-12 To be Tabled

b) Disciplinary Officer
- Associate Dean (Student Affairs) Leighton
S-05-13 [.pdf]

c) Nominating Committee
- Minor Changes to Faculty of Science Committees
S-05-14 To be Tabled

d) Academic Committee
S-05-15 [.pdf]

(See below for Academic Committee documents)

Dean's Business

i) Family-Friendly Policies
Discussion: Committee of the Whole (15 minutes)
Chair: Associate Dean (Research) David Burns

ii) Faculty of Science Nominees for Principal's Prizes for Excellence in Teaching
- Prof. Williams-Jones

iii) Introduction of Ms. Linda Cooper, Faculty Lecturer
- Science Writing and Publishing (EDEC 645)

Science Undergraduate Society (SUS) Report

Peer Tutoring Program in Faculty of Science (5 minutes)
- Monisha Sudarshan
S-05-16 [.pdf]

Report on Actions of Senate

- Prof. M. Baines, Senate Meeting of September 14, 2005
- Prof. K. GowriSankaran, Senate Meeting of September 28, 2005

Academic Committee Documents

New Programs

Mathematics and Statistics

- Description of the Bioinformatics Option
AC-05-7/8 [.pdf]

- M.Sc.; Mathematics & Statistics; Bioinformatics Option (New)
AC-05-7 [.pdf]

- Ph.D.; Mathematics & Statistics; Bioinformatics Option (New)
AC-05-8 [.pdf]

New Courses


Major Program Changes


New Courses


Major Course Changes


Minor Course Changes

Minor Course Changes - AC-05-2 [.pdf]

ANAT 321 - MCC-05-1 [.pdf]

ANAT 322 - MCC-05-2 [.pdf]

PSYC 352 - MCC-05-3 [.pdf]

BIOL 416 - AC-05-6 [.pdf]

Minor Program Changes

Minor Program Changes - AC-05-P1 [.pdf]

Anatomy and Cell Biology

- Faculty Program
AC-05-3 [.pdf]

- Major Program
AC-05-4 [.pdf]

- Honours Program
AC-05-5 [.pdf]


- Faculty Program Retirement
AC-05-9 [.pdf]

Members' Question Period

Other Business

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