What are minerals? What role do they play in our daily lives? This presentation explains why Minerals ROCK!

Visit the Virtual Museum of Quebec Minerals to learn more about the world-renowned mineral deposits found in the Montreal area.


What are earthquakes and what causes them? How many earthquakes do we have in Canada every year? Have we ever had any really severe ones? This presentation answers these questions and more on the fascinating topic of earthquakes.

Geoscape Montreal Poster

Learn about a billion years of geological history of the Montreal region with this free downloadable poster from Natural Resources Canada.


What are volcanoes? Why do they erupt? This presentation covers a few basics before taking a closer look at the historical and biological significance of volcanoes.

Listen to a Nature podcast about a volcanic eruption in Chile.

Earth sciences

Developed by the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC), the Mining Matters program offers a range of resources for teachers.

Visit the Mining Matters Teacher’s page for more.

Natural Disasters

McGill professors John Stix (Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences) and John Gyakum (Department of Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences) discuss natural disasters that affect the Montreal area.

This presentation was delivered as part of a massive open online course (MOOC) on natural disasters. Read more about the event.


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