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                                  Photo by K. Dobbin


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Curatorial Staff

Curator-in-Chief (Natural Science)
Dr Virginie Millien 514-398-4849

Curatorial technician and contact for Natural Science collections (Zoology)
zootech [dot] redmuse [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Anthony Howell) 514-398-4086 ext. 00988   (to whom all loan requests for invertebrate specimens should be made)


Curator of World Cultures (Ethnology)
Lawson, Barbara 514-398-4086 ext. 4093

Academic curatorial advisors:

     Dr Anthony Ricciardi 514-398-4089 

     Dr Andrew Hendry 514-398-4086 ext. 00880  

     Amphibians and Reptiles
     Dr David M. Green 514-398-4086 ext. 4088

     Mammals and Birds
     Dr Virginie Millien 514-398-4849

     Vertebrate Paleontology
     Dr Hans Larsson 514-398-4086 ext. 089457

     Dr Jeanne Paquette 514-398-4402