QI2 Recipients


Enhancing Head and Neck Cancer Care in the Elderly (ENHANCE): A trajectory-based quality improvement program 

(Principal Applicants Dr Marco Mascarella & Dr Nader Sadeghi)


Capacity for Culture Change in Serious Illness Communication (C3SIC) 

Principal Applicants Dr. Justin Sanders & Dr. Sonia Skamene)


Early screening for distress for geriatric-oncological patients 

(Principal Applicants Karine Lepage, Christine Bouchard, Joséphine Lémay-Dantica, Renata Benc)


Evaluating two autologous stem cell transplant conditioning regimens for relapse/refractory Hodgkin’s and Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and development of a uniform treatment algorithm 

(Principal Applicants Dr. Rayan Kaedbey, Dr Sarit Assouline , Dr. Kelly Davison and Dr. Anna Nikonova)


McGill University Health Centre Optilab Validation of Whole Slide Imaging Systems for Clinical Diagnostic Purposes

 (Principal Applicants Dr Pierre-Olivier Fiset, Dr Alan Spatz, Dr Marie-Christine Guiot)



Image - Dr. Franck Bladou, Maria Belen Herrero, PhD (project co-investigator, standing in for Dr. William Buckett), Dr. Ari Meguerditchian (CQI Program Lead) and Dr. Antonio Vigano
(From left to right:) Dr. Franck Bladou, Maria Belen Herrero, PhD (project co-investigator, standing in for Dr. William Buckett), Dr. Ari Meguerditchian (CQI Program Lead) and Dr. Antonio Vigano

Implementation, standardization and analysis of a common RCN ERAS protocol for radical cystectomy

Dr. Franck Bladou, chief of urology at the Jewish General Hospital, will partner with a JGH-MUHC team to bring a standardized Enhanced Recovery after Surgery (ERAS) protocol to cancer patients who have their bladder removed.  ERAS has been shown to significantly decrease complications after surgery and reduce the length of stay in hospital. This will include patient counseling, as well as a standardized process with a multidisciplinary team before and after surgery at both MUHC and JGH. 

Integrating medical cannabis into treatment options of supportive care programs 

Dr. Antonio Vigano, director of the Cancer Rehabilitation Program at the MUHC along with an MUHC-JGH team will complete a feasibility study to develop a care model that incorporates controlled access to medical cannabis at the RCN partner hospitals. In light of the coming legalization of cannabis in 2018, the project team will assess how a comprehensive action plan for oncology patients in the McGill hospitals can be put in place. This would include evaluating eligibility criteria, the symptoms that are to be targeted as well as how best to integrate this model of care into existing operations. 

Towards a gold standard in female fertility preservation for cancer patients

Dr. William Buckett, director of the McGill Reproductive Centre of the MUHC and his team will develop educational tools, including brochures and videos to be displayed in hospital waiting rooms and during patient education sessions which clarify how fertility preservation works. They will also develop a  series of education sessions with oncologists and healthcare providers to help sensitize the health care team to the importance of providing patients with this option before they start treatment.

Feasability study for an oncology urgent care clinic

Head oncology nurse Erin Cook and her team will develop a detailed feasibility plan for the implementation of an urgent care clinic dedicated to cancer patients at RCN partner hospitals.

Towards a gold standard in fertility preservation care for male patients with newly diagnosed cancer

Scientist and andrologist  María Belén Herrero and her team  will develop a program to improve access to fertility preservation counseling and services for young men with newly diagnosed cancer.  Learn more about the project. 

Improving quality of life and care of adolescent and young adults with cancer within rossy network hospitals

Medical oncologist and Adolescent Young Adult (AYA) program director Dr. Petr Kavan and his team will improve the trajectory of care for AYA cancer patients with the help of a clinical coordinator.

"Start the Talk" online modules: Support for cancer patients and their children

Nursing practice consultant Andréa M. Laizner and her team  will work on improving access to resources designed to support cancer patients in discussing this difficult topic with their children and family.  Learn more about the project or explore the modules at Startthetalk.ca.

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