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Funding Opportunities

CQI Research Fund

The Research Fund allows healthcare professionals at the point of care to define and validate innovations in cancer care quality through collaborative research and care projects across the RCN. The Fund positions McGill University teaching hospitals as leaders in the field of cancer care quality research.

CQI Education Fund

Since 2017, the Skills Enhancement Grants program has focused on strategically investing in building know-how and specific skills that translate to quality within the RCN oncology workforce, using validated educational tools. The Kuok Fellowship provides support to Master's and Doctoral students enrolled at McGill University by granting them time to pursue research projects of significance and interest within the field of cancer.

Disease Site Integration Program

The RCN Disease Site Integration Program aims to support the development of robust trajectories of clinical care, integration of expertise, consolidation of specialized care, enhancement of clinical trial enrollment and academic output for individual disease sites by leveraging the specific strengths of different RCN institutions.

The program would optimally coordinate multi-disciplinary care, reduce variability in practices, ensure delivery of evidence-based medicine, promote data sharing and data-driven decision making, and above all improve the quality of care.

Quality Improvement Initiatives Fund (QI2)

The QI2 Fund supports quality improvement projects focusing on the operational aspect of quality improvement when there is an opportunity to directly impact care quality. The projects are focused on achieving optimal care and service organization, at the highest quality and safety levels, in a manner that is seamless from the patients’ perspective.

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