Kuok Fellowship


The Kuok endowment has been established to fulfill McGill University’s mandate of academic excellence by supporting graduate training opportunities in research domains relevant to the Rossy Cancer Network (RCN). The grant is offered by the RCN in collaboration with the Gerald Bronfman Department of Oncology at McGill University.

This opportunity is open to active McGill University graduate students.

Areas of study

Domains covered by this funding mechanism are directly linked to the RCN’s mandate of cancer care quality improvement across the continuum of care, spanning from diagnosis to survivorship. They include aspects of care delivery, patient experience, management and prevention of adverse events and optimization of survival.

Research focused in the following areas are particularly encouraged: 

  1.  Measurement tools (e.g. performance assessment score cards)
  2.  Informatics (e.g. health applications, communications, cancer-specific electronic documentation)
  3.  Leadership & Management (e.g. needs assessment, strategic planning, project implementation, post-intervention evaluation)
  4. Knowledge translation: transfer of knowledge from generation to clinical application (e.g. user adoption, barriers, change management, team strategies)
  5. Innovative processes of care (e.g. atypical service delivery models)
  6. Patient experience: symptom management, distress management, support.
  7. Risk management: prevention of adverse events, optimal resource utilization, risk profiling.

Eligibility and Value

Applicants must be engaged in a formal graduate degree program at McGill University whose field of study specifically relates to oncology and more specifically be pertinent to the goals and objectives of the RCN. 

Masters’ and PhD program trainees are eligible to apply.

The stipend for the current applications cycle has been set at:

·        Up to $15,000/year for MSc trainees

·        Up to $30,000/year for PhD trainees. 

The maximum duration of the support is two years.

The funding is designed to provide the trainee with salary support and facilitate academic expenses.

Call for candidates: August 5 to September 20, 2019.


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