Quality Improvement Initiatives (QI2)

The Rossy Cancer Network (RCN) Quality Improvement Initiatives (QI²) Fund was established to empower health care teams by supporting quality improvement initiatives for cancer care and health services across RCN hospitals. Since its inception in 2013, QI² has provided health care teams with >$160K in funding and supported the completion of 7 projects resulting in immediate and measurable improvements to patient quality of care.

The QI² Fund specifically supports projects that target operational improvements that result in enhanced quality of care. That is, interventions that address efficiency, patient safety, timeliness of care, and contribute to providing care that is effective, patient-centered, and equitable.

The QI² Fund supports projects with up to $40K to be completed in a 12-month time frame. Additionally, an RCN Project Manager will be assigned to each successfully funded QI² project. The Project Manager will support the Principal Applicant with budget management, project risk assessment, timely completion of deliverables and quality evaluation. In addition, cancer registrar expertise and bio-statistical support will also be contributed by the RCN.

Funding is open to all health professionals directly involved in the provision of cancer care. Proposed initiatives should reflect collaboration among the network’s partners, by involving at least two RCN hospitals.

To learn more about the next QI² funding opportunity, please visit the QI² Application Portal

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