CQI Research Fund

The Research Fund was established by the Cancer Care Quality & Innovation Program to support advancements in cancer care quality research. Since summer 2020, the Research Fund has been managed by the Gerald Bronfman Department of Oncology - McGill University with the support of the RCN's Executive Committee. 

This Fund supports the unprecedented collaboration among the McGill-affiliated cancer missions, which is at the heart of the RCN: promoting continuous improvement projects, sharing best practices and developing research and training platforms for the rapid generation of scientific knowledge on cancer care quality.

Since 2014, the Research Fund has invested over $3.3 million to complete 40 projects targeting various aspects of the cancer care trajectory. This exciting initiative has empowered health care teams to continually improve cancer care delivery and enhance patient experience and outcomes across the network while advancing knowledge in cancer quality and strengthening McGill’s leadership in this field.

The Fund grants support for two to three research projects of up to $100,000 each.


All applications must be submitted online through the Research Fund - Application Portal.

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