Research Fund - FAQs

What is the Research Fund

Established by the Cancer Care Quality & Innovation Program, the RCN Research Fund provides support to healthcare professionals and cancer researchers across RCN's partners: McGill University Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences and its teaching hospitals (McGill University Health Centre, Jewish General Hospital, St. Mary's Hospital Center), by granting them the ability to pursue projects for advancements in cancer care quality research intended to improve care to cancer patients.

Grant amount

The Fund grants support for two to three research projects of up to $100,000 each.

Who is eligible

Those who can apply include, but are not limited to: physicians, nurses and all nursing-affiliated personnel, rehabilitation experts (physiotherapy, occupational therapy, kinesiology, speech therapy, etc.), psychosocial health experts, epidemiologists and health economists, other professionals that participate in the delivery of care to cancer patients.


Applications must be submitted online through the RCN application portal within the timeframe prescribed by the CQI program.  No application will be accepted after this deadline.

Co-applicants -vs- Collaborators

A co-applicant contributes with the Principal Investigator (PI) to all or most of the key components that ensure the project's success (scientific design, patient recruitment, data analysis and interpretation, reporting, etc.). CVs are required for co-applicants.

A collaborator is an individual who provides specific and finite expertise or service required to complete the project (data analyst, training on specific tools or systems, etc.). CVs are not necessary for collaborators.


A CV is required for each PI and co-applicant. The maximum length is seven pages. Please limit grants and publications to the five most recent years.

Support documents

All supporting documents are required at the time of submission. No document will be accepted after submission.


The scientific peer-review committee may recommend budget adjustments. Quotes submitted as part of the supporting documents are not counted in the two page limit for the budget section.

Transfer of Funds

The RCN will only transfer funds upon the reception of an invoice, rather than automatic transfer. The PI's Research Institute must invoice the RCN as stipulated in the agreement. A recipient's local Research Institute can advise on the process to open an account.

External collaborations

External collaborations (outside the three RCN partner hospitals) are possible; however, per the RCN Gift Agreement, budget expenditures to non-RCN institutions must be justified and approved.


Research projects should be completed within the timeframe of the agreement. One 12-month no-cost extension may be requested upon submission of the progress and financial reports. 

Contact Information

Gayle A. Shinder, PhD
Chair’s Senior Advisor for Academic Programs
Gerald Bronfman Department of Oncology - McGill University
gayle.shinder [at]

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