Quantitative Psychology & Modelling


Research in quantitative psychology and modelling emphasizes: 1) the development, evaluation, and application of statistical models; 2) advocating and demonstrating best practices and appropriate use of data-analytic techniques; and 3) use of computational models for explaining empirical results in psychology. This research is informed by and overlaps with advances in related disciplines such as statistics, biostatistics, psychometrics, machine learning, and natural language processing. Advancements in this field have wide-ranging impact across subdisciplines of psychology and other related social and natural science disciplines where human behaviour is studied.

Quantitative Psychology and Modelling at McGill

If you enjoy psychology and math/statistics or computer programming, have an interest in improving psychological research, or want to learn about how data science can be applied to the study of human behaviour, a career beginning with graduate studies in Quantitative Psychology and Modelling at McGill may be for you.

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